In a survivorship action, the person who is representing the interest of the decedent’s estate is an executor or executrix. The executor is the person who is bringing the survivorship claim. Because a survivorship claim is all about the continuation of the decedent’s lifetime claim. This is what about the decedent lost. What damages fall under the survivorship column? Whatever conscious pain and suffering the decedent had before he died, clearly falls under the survivorship column. You do not need proximate cause.

1.            If someone dies instantaneously, there is no survivorship claim.  The threshold prerequisite to a survivorship claim is to show that in fact the person had some conscious pain and suffering before they died.  Expert testimony is needed to prove that they did suffer and what is its value e.g. airline crashes.

2.            Personal Effects – Clothing falls under this category.

3.            The percentage of the decedent’s lost income that they would have used for their own maintenance. You take the total lost income over normal life expectancy, let the economists reduce that to its present value and then take whatever percentage of that that would have gone to the maintenance of the family, put that in the wrongful death column and whatever percentage of this person’s income that they would have used for themselves, that goes in the survivorship column.

This is where wrongful death and survivorship claims can become very unseemly.  Often times we have very disparate interests here.  Folks that qualify as beneficiaries for wrongful death they may be different people than who is in charge of the decedent’s estate.  All of a sudden, somebody finds out they qualify as a beneficiary under a wrongful death statute and they realize they may come into some money. This makes for very interesting deposition testimony.

Loss of consortium:  Money damages for loss of sexual relations

If the decedent contributed to the happening of his accident, if comparative fault could have been an affirmative defense to his lifetime claim that comparative fault defense will carryover and impact the survivorship claim and the wrongful death claim as well.

Defenses based on conduct of the beneficiaries.  Teeter v. Missouri Hwy and Transp. Commission.  Mother’s contributory at fault while driving killed daughter. Her percentage of recovery for wrongful death will be impacted due to her comparative negligence but that will not impact the husband’s claim.  Be mindful of the decedent as well as any beneficiary.

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Wrongful Death Lawyers


A wrongful death claim is statutorily based cause of action brought by someone who qualifies as a beneficiary under the wrongful death statute and compensates that person for the pecuniary loss that they have suffered as a result of the death of their loved one. Pecuniary is elastic in this sense. It is a derivative claim.  The beneficiaries claim derives from the wrongful death of their loved one.

Not included in a wrongful death is a claim for emotional distress.  The sorrow and grief of beneficiaries is not to be included under the general umbrella of wrongful death.  A claim for emotional distress is separate and apart from any wrongful death action in the majority of jurisdictions.  Some courts have come to believe that no matter how much the judge instructs the jury not to include it, they do anyway.

Certainly monies for the maintenance of the family are available in the traditional sense.  What percentage of the decedent’s income was going to maintain the family?  Clothing, shelter, food, sustenance – that certainly comes under wrongful death.  In order to succeed on a wrongful death claim, the wrongful death attorneys at The Justice Law Center must show that the tort was a proximate cause of the death.  It is essential that we must link the tort to the death or there’s no cause of action.

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