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Close to two million people suffer from some sort of brain injury every year in the United States alone, and close to 100,000 of these injuries result in a long-term disability. Sadly, automobile accidents, which are often preventable, account for the majority of these at nearly 28%. Even more frightening is the fact that half of all traumatic brain injuries, which are defined as those requiring hospitalization, are caused by automobile accidents. There are so many factors that go into how individuals and families deal with these tragedies, and the emotional toll it can take is immeasurable. However, there can also be a severe financial cost as well.

If you have suffered a brain injury due to an auto accident in Las Vegas, Nevada, call Attorney Brett Whipple today at 702.731.0000.

In the worst case scenario, with a traumatic brain injury that requires hospitalization and causes a long-term disability, one person will typically pay close to $4 million dollars in medical bills and daily living expenses related to his or her disability over a lifetime. Add to this the fact that a brain injury this severe often causes a person to be permanently unemployed, and a brain injury caused by an automobile accident can quit literally cause financial ruin.

So often, a person who is the victim of an automobile accident resulting in a brain injury, no matter how severe, is not at fault. Yet somehow, they are still forced to foot the bill for this tragedy. Attorney Brett Whipple does everything in his power to make sure that this isn’t the case. Because with the unbelievable emotional toll that this type of injury can take on a person and his or her family, money should be the last thing on the victim’s mind. Call Attorney Brett Whipple to get the special care and compensation needed for brain injuries.

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